Do You Know Your “Spiritual Gifts”?

My number one spiritual gift is teaching.

The Bible teaches that Christians are each given certain “extras” designed to help benefit all believers together (aka “the Church”). Sometimes these gifts are pretty miraculous. Sometimes these gifts are enhancements of our own natural abilities. The Bible calls them “spiritual gifts”.

Spiritual gifting is how a guy like Darryl Strawberry can go from MLB star to total “crash and burn” drug addiction to dynamic preacher of the Bible.

Anyway, I love teaching. I really love it. And I know God has given me the enhanced ability to teach His word to other people. I am blessed to regularly teach a great group of husbands and wives every Sunday and have been blessed to preach in churches around the world. Thankfully, the Lord has allowed this gift to spill over into other areas of my life.

One of the biggest reasons I practice estate planning and probate law is because it gives me the opportunity to take complex areas like estate, tax and disability law and make them simple for clients to understand. When you understand how something works (and learn it from someone you trust) you equip clients to be proactive. Not only is the practice very Biblical – we find estate planning all over Scripture all the way back to Genesis – but lives and generations all receive the benefit when we plan for the future.

Living and working in areas that allow me to maximize my main spiritual gift is one of the greatest blessing of my life.

Do you know your spiritual gift(s)?

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