Small Business Counsel-On-Demand

Small Business Counsel-On-Demand

We understand that unlike their bigger counterparts, a small business owner does not have the need or the funds to keep a full-time attorney on staff. This is one of the reasons we have developed a comprehensive package of legal services designed to meet your specific needs. Rather than maintaining full-time legal counsel, you can get high quality legal representation at an affordable price.

Phone & Office Consultations

We can be available to meet with you or discuss your issues with you by telephone. We will take the time to analyze the challenges you are facing, make sure you understand your legal options, and help you decide on a resolution.

Debt Collection Activities

We understand when clients do not pay their bills, it has an impact on your finances. We can help with demand letters, negotiations with debtors and demand letters. Rather than taking time away from growing your business, let us handle these matters on your behalf.

Small Business Contract Needs

When you are asked to sign a contract, need a new contract drawn up for a vendor or employee, or before signing a lease, we can help. We can review contracts, answer questions about leases, or draw up a contract on your behalf.

Other Small Business Needs

We provide a broad range of services to small business owners including drafting of employment contracts, employee policy manuals, and assist with compliance issues. For those just starting out, we can help with the necessary legal documents to ensure your business adheres to all legal requirements. Once your business is established, we can help you with annual tax filings, audits, and when necessary litigation.

We understand the financial challenges associated with operating a small business. We also understand every business may need to consult with an attorney. Contact BOOK LAW FIRM and let us explain what services we provide to businesses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

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